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Odor Be Gone Products


What are Odor Be Gone Candles?

Odor Be Gone Candles are uniquely blended and scented to remove bad odors from the environment. Lighthouse Candles offers 12 different Odor Be Gone Scents. 

Why should I purchase an Odor Be Gone Product?

Odor Be Gone products are perfect for your bathroom, mud room, kitchen and pet areas to remove the strong odors. The Odor Be Gone products have a pleasant scent and actually remove the strong offensive odors while burning.  Customers routinely claim our Odor Be Gone products are more effective in removing odors than the popular commercial brands.

Customer testimonials for our Odor Be Gone Products.

I purchased 2 odor be gone sprays and I am in LOVE. Thank you.


I was amazed at the variety of fragrances...the Lemon drop Odor Be Gone does a great job. 


Lighthouse has the most delicious smelling candles and oils for every season  and occasion. Her products make my house cozy and inviting. 


We keep our Odor Be Gone in the "dog room" and the candle eliminated the dog smell. Amazing. 


Odor Be Gone Products

Lighthouse Candle Factory offers Odor Be Gone products in all of our Candle sizes, Fragrance Oils and Sprays. See our Odor Be Gone products in our online shop.